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Activate your unique missional strengths and join the work of God today!

After you complete your Missional Strengths Survey, the Missionality Reports are your guide to learning how to join God at work in all areas of your life. The MISSIONALITY Report is comprehensive and includes the APEPT Missionality Report that outlines your leadership patterns, the SENTNESS Missionality Report that outlines your mission purposes, and the SERVICE Missionality Report that evaluates your lifework passions. Ready to find your God-given patterns, purposes and passions?  Choose a report to get started!

APEPT Missionality Report
$19.00 USD

How You Are Designed to Function

Your Leadership Patterns

7 Patterns of Missional Culture

5 Patterns of Missional Values

5 Patterns of Mentoring Ideals

SENTNESS Missionality Report
$19.00 USD

What You are Sent to Do

Your Mission Purposes

Assignment Overview

View of God & Others

Your Engagement Strategy

SERVICE Missionality Report
Redemptive Care
$19.00 USD

Why You Have Been Sent

Your Lifework Passions

Your Top Care Areas

Your Top Focus Areas

Your Implementaton Strategy