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Missional Strengths Coaching (one-on-one)

Work with a missional strengths expert to activate your
design for mission, sent assignments, and vocational calling.

Personal Missional Strengths Coaching

Personal Missional Strengths Coaching aims to help you develop a greater understanding of the mission of God and your personal role in joining God at work. Missional strengths shape your life direction including your leadership patterns, mission purposes and life passions. They also play an important role in defining your personal success, managing conflicts with others, setting your personal goals, handling stressors, and deepening your spiritual walk.

This type of professional coaching is centered on your missional design, assignment and calling and how that empowers and energizes you. You will work with a MI missional strengths expert to explore your strengths, goals, and other key elements necessary to participate in the mission of God in your family, neighborhood, and community.


$100 USD for one 60 minute session

$300 USD for package of 3, 60-minute sessions

Professional Missional Strengths Coaching

Professional Missional Strengths Coaching is intended to focus on "you, the professional" in your career setting. The focus is on leveraging your missional strengths to improve your service with clients, employees or students. This case consultation involves the coach offering opinions and ideas regarding your work with a specific person or group. The coach will facilitate a discussion regarding how to apply your missional strengths in the setting. You may also discuss conflicts that arise in the workspace and ways in which missional strengths may provide possible intervention strategies. The goal of professional missional strengths coaching is help you to thrive in your ability to understand and apply your optimal missional strengths as you participate in the work of God around you.


$150 USD for one 60 minute session

$450 USD for package of 3, 60-minute sessions