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MR1: Seminar Description

Missional Roles is a responsive look at the gifted roles from Ephesians 4 designed for missional coaches, missional leaders, and community missionzers in applying Biblical principles for carrying out of the mission of God.  A comprehensive understanding of the APEPT Missional Roles survey. Some of the topics covered will include missional teams, leadership, missional philosophy, church designs, organizational culture, and missional strategy all of which are key to developing solid reproductive ministries.   Learn more


MR2: Seminar Description

This seminar is an extensive look at the Apostolic gifted role with challenging workshops that include topics from the Old and New Testaments.  Participants will profit from the overview of neotribalism and social identity issues that affect people groups in today's society.  Variables in segmenting people groups for strategic ministry focus, spiritual and religious worldviews, cultural and systemic problems, resistance to Christianity, and potential points of contact will be addressed. Participants will identify ways in which God may be active in the lives of people in the local community and begin creating platforms for missional engagement.     Learn more


MR3: Seminar Description

A fascinating discussion of the role of the prophet from the Old Testament to their ministry in the 21st century body of Christ.  Discussions will include Biblical principles for the prophetic ministry and call,  understanding and discerning God's voice.  How to develop research teams in the congregation, make valuable ministry assessments, and connect with other missional teams as well as an important discussion in using and validating the prophetic voice for effective missional empowerment will also be included in this seminar.      Learn more


MR4: Seminar Description

This engaging seminar will cover missional evangelism from the Garden of Eden to the New Testament call of Jesus to be "fishers of men", the essentials of the gospel message from Peter's sermon in Acts,  God's work in recent American movements, and the need to build bridges for evangelism, and discover resources to reach the lost.  Types of cultural distance that may exist between the church and the community as well as how to customize the strategic focus of the local church will be presented.  Four workshops will be devoted to developing a contextual gospel presentation and training an evangelistic team.   Learn more


MR5: Seminar Description

This seminar is a multi-faceted approach to the pastoral gifted role with a variety of informative  workshops related to the pastoral role.  Workshops include an intriguing look at the Old  Testament shepherd leaders contrasted with God as the Good Shepherd, and application of Biblical principles of knowing, feeding, leading, and protecting from the New Testament.  Developing relationships, encouraging decisions, spirituality types, worldviews, disciplemaking, preparing for change, and developing missional DNA are each outstanding workshop topics essential for every believer desiring to make an impact by exercising their pastoral-shepherding gift.   Learn more


MR6: Seminar Description

This seminar highlights many aspects of the teaching role beginning with teaching missional and Biblical principles by examining the teaching role from the Old and New Testaments. Discussions will include spiritual renewal, characteristics of a Godly servant leader, and problems of leadership that were addressed in the New Testament. Methods to use in applying Biblical teachings in context, and facilitating learning styles will also be discussed. Emphasis will be given to developing leadership and teaching leadership skills for the apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral, and teaching roles for participation in the mission of God in the world.  Learn more