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Where is God at Work?

In Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby and Claude King encouraged Christian believers to see where God is at work and to join him in that work. The problem however is learning how to see God at work in his mission,  how to know where to join in with him, and how to be able to personally join in with God based on how one is uniquely designed by God. The video gives an overview of the mission of God in the world today and discusses these issues. The Missionality Personalized Report reveals the way the person was designed by God for mission, was sent on assignment and the reasons the person has been gifted by God in a particular way. The seminar below goes into more detail giving a biblical and theological framework for seeing God at work in our everyday lives.


Participating in the mission of God in the world today

MTH1: Seminar Description

While Christian believers generally believe that God is actively involved in the world today, most cannot identify what God is doing in the world around them. As a result they fail to see where God is at work, see the ways in which humans react to God's work and know how to participate in God's mission. This workshop discusses seven actions of God that occur in our families, neighborhoods, and communities - to which we often turn a blind eye oblivious of the work of God. For God's part, the overarching story of the scripture consists of both God's remedy to our present challenges and God's blessing that he desires to bestow upon us. However, humanity is naturally mired in it's own sinful nature and has lost hope in solving many of the problems that are truly beyond human solutions. The goal of the workshop is to provide the participants with a framework and the skills to use it in discerning the brokenness that occurs in our world because of the transgression of God's laws and the grace that God extends to us as he seeks transformation of humanity and our world. Participants learn how to see where God is at work and how they can join in with him.