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Group Webinars and Workshops

Empower your team with research-based training sessions
that explore and apply their missional strengths

Whether you work in a mission entity, Christian non-profit organization, business-as-mission for-profit company, church or church group, lead a team or consult with these Christian organizations, intuitively you know that your group needs to join God at work in the world in order to be missionally successful. Showing them how to practice their missional strengths  - their gifted leadership roles, missional assignments, and vocational callings - can help align your organization with the mission of God. Those who align their life with the ways in which God designed them for mission, sent them on assignment, and gifted them for specific reasons not only find greater fulfillment in life, but also area able to weave their personal story into the overarching story of God's redemptive mission.

Sample Topics

Getting Started with Missional Strengths as a Team

Unlock your group's ability to join God at work through a guided missional strengths discovery process, beginning with their unique results from the Missional Strengths Survey.


Discovering How God has Designed Your Group for Mission

You already know that each person that is part of your team is there for a specific reason - discover your group's missional strengths and discern how God has shaped your team for participation in the mission of God in the world.


What is the Mission of God in Your Community Today?

See where God is at work in your in the community and your team's everyday lives. Learn how to develop a framework for your team -- and the skills to use it -- in discerning the brokenness that occurs in your community and how to see where God is at work so you can join in with Him.


Discover the Best Ways for Your Team to Join God at Work in Redemptive Care

Based on how God has designed your team for mission, discover a holistic approach to redemptive care in the context of your community. Various dimensions of redemptive care are discussed as they relate to specific socio-cultural settings in the neighborhood, community and career.


A Missional International trained facilitator will join your group live using a video platform with screen-sharing and recording capabilities. MI webinars are private to your organization and conducted in English (closed captioning is available).

Prior to the webinar, you will have a one-hour video conference with your facilitator to plan the live session. After the webinar, Missional International will provide handouts with key concepts. Session recordings for future internal use can be negotiated as part of your purchase.



90-120  minute webinar

$995.00 USD

Custom webinar topics and workshops are available upon request.

Unlock discounts when purchased in conjunction with Missionality Reports.