The World's Only Worldview Segmentation

“As a person thinks in the heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

  • Understand what your community thinks.

  • Understand what drives their actions.

  • Improve your community outreach.

  • Join God at work in your neighborhoods.


What Are My Community Worldviews?

Perspectiva Segmentation

Evaluate worldview segments within your community by understanding their worldview values, identities, experiences, cultures, viewpoints and lifestyles.

What Are People With These Worldviews Like?

Segment Highlights

Get a sneak peak of MyCommunityWorldviews with an in-depth view of Devout Inscapes and Divergent Irreligious.  Learn how these two worldview communities are polar opposites in terms of their beliefs, religious participation, spiritual experiences and religious change processes.


How Do I Connect With These Worldviews?

Missional Overview

Draw insights from MyCommunityWorldviews to see how to connect them with the gospel message and your faith community. Discover ways to equip other believers to begin worldview conversations that lead to opportunities to share the gospel.

Where Can I Find People With These Worldviews?

Zipcode Lookup

Disover the top worldview segments that live in your Zipcode and uncover a brief overview about each segment's beliefs, cultures, viewpoints and activities.