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Missional International (formerly the Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry (IICM)), is a nonprofit interdenominational organization dedicated to the application of missionary concepts in the communication of the gospel and the development of congregations through missional research and training in North America and beyond.   All staff and board members adhere to the Lausanne Covenant.

What is Missional International?

The mission of Missional International is to empower evangelical, Christian believers in North America to explore community and cultural contexts, equip indigenous and intercultural leadership, engage places, peoples and participants; and expand ministry, mission, and movement.  We develop missional research, training and resources and to disseminate them effectively and globally in order to foster a grass-roots missional movement that impacts local communities in culturally-appropriate ways.

Is Missional International a Charity?

The Missional International (formerly Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry) is a non-profit charitable corporation organized under the laws of South Carolina, USA and physically located in North Augusta, South Carolina, USA. IICM has 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in the United States.

The existence of the Missional International was officially incorporated by the founder, Dr. Curt Watke, on July 25, 2003.

How is Missional International Run?

The Intercultural Institute has a paid and volunteer staff, led by the Executive Director, Dr. Curt Watke. The staff supports the emerging work in collaboration with our missional partners worldwide.

The Board of Trustees articulates the mission and vision of the IICM Institute, reviews and helps to develop long term plans, provides oversight, and supports fundraising efforts. It is the ultimate organizational authority as defined its bylaws.

We have one office, located in North Augusta, South Carolina (USA), from which our executive staff work. All other board members and staff work remotely.

How does the organization serve its mission?

There are several key ways:

We research communities, cultural groups and socio-cultural contexts and develop geographic-based reports to facilitate the expansion of ministry, mission and movement.

We develop learning resources, support workshops and strive to think intelligently about other ways to bring in new contributors, and to grow the organizational as part of the global missional movement.

We deliver free or donation-based missional knowledge, training, and resources.

We try to bring the educational content from our projects to people in as many forms as possible. In particular, we want to help evangelical believers in disadvantaged communities with limited connectivity to access free missional materials, and to contribute to it.

We want all of our projects to become multilingual, therefore each project must be designed from the beginning to include the ability to expand across multiple languages.

In all this, we desire that God be glorified.

Where does money come from to support Missional International?

IICM is funded primarily through donations and program dollars of individuals, churches, denominational entities, and mission agencies.

We are presently not considering advertising as a source of revenue.

Missional International (the Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry) has 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in the United States.

Please see our fundraising page for details of making donations via PayPal or by postal mail. For all other types of donation, please contact Dr. Curt Watke at cwatke AT