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Online Undergraduate Certificate Programs

The online undergraduate certificate programs offered at Missional University are designed to enable students to combine the skills and expertise needed to succeed in today's world with training to serve in the mission to which God has called them. Students learn their purpose, expand their passion, and become equipped to join in the mission of God in this world.

Our global, international, faculty practitioners have not the only background of education and experience in their fields, but also continually update their academic instruction to reflect the best online instruction practices today. Together with our worldwide missional partners, fresh real-world experience is brought to the online classrooms.

Our eight-week online course format has been proved to be the most effective in delivering distance education. Students have the flexibility to work on their assignments anytime 24/7 while interacting with their faculty person and other students from across the world.

Students receive guidance from a student success specialist who helps plan an individualized pathway of required and elective courses that lead to graduation in a timely manner.

Explore the undergraduate certificate programs in the list below. Select those that interest you and then contact our admission staff. We can help you plan how to blend a career with missional service.


Intercultural Education @ Missional University The Missional College makes intercultural training available to average, everyday Christian believers across North America and beyond. We believe that EVERY BELIEVER IS A MISSIONARY where they are - in their neighborhood, at work, and in their community. The Missional College provides training at multiple educational levels to equip believers to serve interculturally in their communities in a variety of ways.

Students who desire to learn how to serve among the diverse ethnic, immigrant and international groups in their communities in culturally-appropriate ways. The Missional College offers cutting-edge training that is biblically-based, interculturally-focused, and missionally-driven in the evangelical Christian tradition. We provide training in a wide breadth of disciplines from diaspora studies to intercultural research to cultural studies to the study of global religion.


Undergraduate Certificates Africana Studies Anthropology Studies Diaspora Studies Missional Evangelism World Religions
Missional Ministry @ Missional University Our missional mandate has not changed, we bear the image of God and are his agents of reconciliation. The God of mission has not changed, he has on his heart the renewal of all things. In this time of disorienting and sometimes destabilizing transition, as the body of Christ, we require ways of thinking and acting that deeply connect us to our identity as residents of this earth who are citizens of heaven.

It is a great joy and deep passion of the School of Missional Practice to provide learning environs that function as transformational journeys for the people of God towards the missional thinking and practices that reflect our true identity. In every academic term of learning, we invite our students into a community of practice that is as ancient as our parents in the original garden and as contemporary as the globalized diversity in our chatrooms.


Undergraduate Certificates Marketplace Ministry Missional Arts in Global Cultures Missional Congregations Missional Practice Multihousing Ministry Transformational Disciplemaking
Community Development @ Missional University If you feel a sense of responsibility to reach out to the masses within your local community and abroad outside the walls of the church in your spiritually unique way, then the School of Community Ministry is what you are looking for. Our focus is to assist you in becoming dually effective in providing services and advocating for the social and emotional well-being of others, while also sharing the gospel through your faith and relationship with God. Social services and evangelism are interrelated. One’s physical, spiritual, moral, and other interrelational entities are all linked together. The social and spiritual well-being of an individual is a vital aspect of fulfilling the great commission. The opportunity to meet social needs opens up doors to share your faith and the love of God with others.



Undergraduate Certificates Community Development Community Health Criminal Justice Gerontology Human Services Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy Youth & Family Studies
Contextual Communication @ Missional University TThe School of Creative Expression enables Christian believers to communicate a gospel witness in various forms, media, and styles to bring glory to God through service in the mission of God. The programs in the School of Creative Expression equip missional leaders in foundational courses in a theology of beauty, storytelling, or media and communication and then adds practical courses in communication, media arts, music arts, theatre arts, information technology management and worship studies. Whether you need to learn how to use social media, multimedia, visual communications, graphic design, digital journalism or information technologies – Missional University will give you the tools to serve in faith-based and secular organizations as a Christian witness. Through music arts, you can be equipped in songwriting, ethnomusicology, and in leading worship. Through digital arts, you can be equipped in studio art, graphic design, 2D animation, 3D animation, animation visual effects, publication and print media. Creativity in the arts is extended through storytelling, theatre arts, and film studies and production.


Undergraduate Certificates Communication Studies Digital Arts Media Studies Scriptwriting & Storytelling Worship Studies
Creation Care @ Missional University The faculty of the School of Ecological Mission are committed to the concept that God is at work not only in the lives and affairs of people across the globe but he is also at work in environments and how peoples are impacted by their natural, social and built environments. Just as sin has corrupted the image of God within persons (Romans 1:18-32), so too sin corrupts social and environmental relationships. In fact, the Apostle Paul writes that "We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time" (Romans 8:22-24). Thus God is about his mission of reconciling people and the entire earth unto himself. Faculty with expertise in a wide range of disciplines work together to equip missional Christians to participate in the mission of God through global health, environmental mission, humanitarian aid, geospatial studies and sustainable communities.   Undergraduate Certificates Geospatial Studies Global Health Ecological Foundations Sustainable Environments
Theology & Mission @ Missional University At Missional University we believe that a Biblical theology of mission is more than a core course. It is foundational to the University’s purpose and curriculum. Compelled by that foundation, the School of Theological Studies is committed to sound teaching in Scripture and doctrine, always in light of God’s missional purpose. As a student in the School of Theological Studies, you will learn how to read the entire Bible missionally - from the heart of a missional God who invites us to participate in his redemptive mission and who sends us as a source of blessing to all peoples of the world. Furthermore, as a student, you will be taught, challenged, and equipped with a missional view of Scripture, history, theology, and ethics, all with a view of deepening your character and growing your mission.



Undergraduate Certificates Biblical Studies
Experiential Learning @ Missional University Simply put, experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing.” Experience how to navigate cultures, live missionally, transform communities, create creatively, care for creation and join the mission of God. We provide hands-on learning experiences in 50+ subject areas related to university degree programs through introductory, developmental and demonstration experiential learning. With an international reach in 43+ countries and a growing network of partners, students work with mission entities, nonprofits & NGOs, schools, churches, and church groups worldwide. Expand your experiences worldwide -- our global faculty, staff, and students are from 20+ time zones, across 6 continents, from Washington State, USA to Wellington, New Zealand.

The School of Experiential Learning supports the degree programs in all of the other schools and colleges at Missional University.

Introductory Experiential Learning Observerships:  Shadowing Practicums:  Applying Introductory Studies:  Orienting  

Development Experiential Learning Field Instruction:  Integrating Internship:  Practicing Mentorship:  Developing  

Demonstration Experiential Learning Portfolio:  Creating Capstone:  Synthesizing Project:  Documenting Research:  Assessing Thesis:  Producing